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 Quality Certificate
 Quality Circle
 Test Equipment
 Quality Commitment
No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
    As the Transformer Quality Supervise& Measurement Station in Shandong province, our company have enough measuring apparatus and test equipment. In 1997, we passed ISO9001: 1994 version Standard, and the first one passed ISO9001: 2000 version Standard in transformer trade in May 2001; the standard covered with the design, development, production and service of oil-immersed power transformers up to 220kV and special transformer.

  All products passed national quality sampling survey in several times, and were awarded as the first-class products through supervise and check that were organized by provincial and municipal Technology Supervision Bureau.

  The 31.5MVA/110kV and 180MVA/220kV self-cooled transformer developed and manufactured by our company has gone through short-circuit test with single try made in strong electric current test station of national monitor center in 1997,2008 respectively.
    Leading technology, outstanding quality and running safely.
  Participated by all employees. overall-process control
    98% passes of initial transformer testing;
    98% safety in operation;
    To realize maximum customer's satisfaction。
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